About Us

Crossover Counseling is committed to working with individuals of all ages. We strive to provide services that are a safe environment for individuals. Through counseling individuals can move from a hurtful or unproductive place and “cross over,” to a healthy and productive place in order to benefit the individual and those surrounding them. We see God as not only our Creator, but as the One who loves, encourages, and provides individuals with strength and wisdom to work through all of life's challenges. These challenges can later be used for His greater glory and purpose.

Our Purpose

We understand life can be difficult at times. Through a biblical framework and understanding of God as the ultimate Healer, we are committed to assisting those with past and present challenges. Along with His love, truth, and grace real and lasting changes can be made. We view those who make the step toward counseling as having personal insight and inner strength to make necessary changes in their personal lives. These individuals will most likely have positive and rewarding results. The counselors work with children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families –encouraging personal growth towards finding joy and true meaning in life. Throughout counseling progress can be made by using various tools, techniques, homework and perhaps incorporating Scripture. These methods allow understanding and advancement for moving each client toward a healthy, stable and productive life.

Our Commitment

Each counselor is committed to:

• Assisting clients in understanding their individual intrinsic value and self-worth

• Providing a comfortable, compassionate, confidential, and therapeutic setting to allow for personal development and a positive, cognitive approach to life

• Supporting clients as past and present issues are resolved

• Promoting the clients’ ability to identify and diminish barriers and hindrances to personal growth

• Encouraging clients to move towards being emotionally healthy and whole – mentally, physically, emotionally, behaviorally, socially, and spiritually

• Understanding and being sensitive to each clients’ approach to life

• Being a committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word

• Upholding all ethical standards in the counseling field as well as staying current on available tools and techniques that best meet the needs of our clients